I don’t usually tout our speakers for upcoming meetings since their work is often familiar and well understood.  Not so (I think) for our speaker oAnselmo_Generatorn Monday, November 2.  Harold Ross does light sculpture, and his work defies belief, whether an indoor still life, a nighttime landscape, a room in the Biltmore mansion (or some of its furnishings), or whatever.  His work is awesome, and leaves you wondering “how could he have done that?”  It’s all in the unusual lighting techniques that he employs, and that’s what his talk on Monday will be about.  Here’s one of his images.  He has a lot of “technology” images, but loads of others that feature still lifes, outdoor nighttime landscapes that are hard to imagine from the standpoint of a typical nighttime shoot, and so on.

Take a look at Harold’s website here.  Take a peek at the blog and some of the work he’s done at the Biltmore mansion.

It’s worth perusing what Harold has done.  Come prepared for the Q&A that will follow his talk.

— Bill Geoghegan