I just learned that TCC’s biennial exhibit at the Academy Art Museum has been scheduled this year for October 15 through November 27, with installation on 10/13 and take-down on 11/28.  The museum has announced that the theme for that time period is “Flight,” which they admit can be interpreted in many ways.

Further details about the exhibit are not available at this point, but the museum is preparing material for its Fall Newsletter (magazine) and has asked for a brief write-up about the club (which I’ve submitted), and a high resolution image of one of the works to be exhibited.  That’s what I’m hoping you can provide.

If you are interested in exhibiting at this show and have a work that you would like to submit, I will need a JPEG copy of the image, roughly 2400 pixels or more on the long edge, saved at 300 dots per inch (dpi).  I will also need:

  • The artist’s name
  • The title of the work
  • The year it was created
  • The medium (e.g., gelatin print, digitally enhanced photograph, digital photograph transferred to canvas, etc.)
  • Collection of the Artist (or …..)

If I receive more than one entry, I’ll try to select one or two that would likely fit the museum’s needs.  The museum wanted this by today (!), but I asked for a little extra time.  Nevertheless, the quicker you can get something to me, the better.  Send the JPEG and info about the work to me at bill@goeaston.net.

Further details about the show will be distributed when the exhibits committee has them in hand.