This was received today from former TCC member Cindy Williams Sigmon.  It’s a nice opportunity if you’ve shot recently in that county – but the deadline is very short.

Hi everyone! I am a member of Rotary of Kent Island. We are putting together a magazine entitled The Great Outdoors Guide. It is being put together with Rotary of Centreville. As an outdoor guide book, we would like the cover to be a photo taken in Queen Anne’s County. I volunteered to reach out to this group of stellar photographers to see if some of you would be interested in submitting for this cover page image.
The criterion are:
1) Must have been taken in Queen Anne’s Count, Maryland.
2) Indicate the location with your submission
3) Important: Only submit ONE photo
4) There is no financial renumeration but the photographer will be given credit in the magazine.
5) I will not submit any of my own images.
6) Submission Deadline: October 17th.
6) Submit your image to
7) A joint committee of the two rotaries will select the final image.
8) I’ll announce the winner here 🙂

Good luck,
Bill Geoghegan