Hi everyone,

Katie Willis is the community editor for The Star Democrat and also the editor for a new monthly lifestyle magazine, which will be launching in October, called SHORE Monthly. Katie and associates are gathering content for the magazine now, and she wanted to reach out to the club to determine if any of our members would be interested in paid photography work for the magazine, as well as providing photographic submissions (gratis) for a section in the magazine entitled “Through the Lens”.

Katie has provided a description of the magazine:

“SHORE Monthly magazine is described as a lifestyle magazine focused on the Mid-Shore’s five counties. It will be published by APG Media of the Chesapeake. The tagline of the magazine is “Easy Living, Casual Elegance.” You can tell people, for a reference point, that the magazine will be similar to Garden and Gun out of Charleston, S.C., or COAST Monthly out of Galveston, Texas.

 We will always have photographer needs, so anyone wishing to submit samples of their work for consideration for paid photography work, should send me their portfolio or website at kwillis@chespub.com.

We also will have a monthly section in the magazine titled “Through the Lens,” which is described as “Reader submitted photos from around the Mid-Shore.” We do not pay for these submissions, but if anyone from the Tidewater Camera Club would like to submit photos for consideration for print in the magazine, please submit to me at kwillis@stardem.com by the 20th of each month. Submissions should include photo credit preferences, as well as a short description of the photo. Photos can be of people and places on the Mid-Shore. If people are in the photo, please include names and where the person is from.”

Katie is hoping to work with the members of the Tidewater Camera Club; you can contact her at 410-822-1500 if you have any questions.