Equipment for Sale

Ball Head– Markins Q-ball Q10 with knob release, Excellent Condition, Retail: $369.99; Sell $150.00

Contact Bill McDonnell at 410.221.6234

Nikon D4 (body)– $2400, Excellent condition, Original packaging and User’s Manuals, Shutter Actuations = 9831, 2 batteries (good deal!), 32GB UDMA7 memory card (good deal!), Really Right Stuff tripod quick release plate * (good deal!), Book: NikonD4/D4S by David Busch (good deal!)

* Really Right Stuff plates work with a majority of tripod heads.

Nikon AF-S 16-35mm f4 ED VR lens — $900,  Excellent condition w/ case (rarely used due to overlap of lens), Original packaging and User’s Manual, UV filter (good deal).

Contact Chris Jewett at

Epson 9800 44″ printer $950, This is the most reliable of Epson’s large format printers. Recently maintained with a new print head, dampers, pump caps, and cleaning.  120 days warranty on the print head and pump caps! Note: the printer will not automatically switch from photo ink to matte ink, this must be done manually. This printer comes loaded with ink worth over $850 (a savings of almost 75% on ink costs). Two rolls of canvas are also included.

Contact Steve Lingeman at


Below is a link to an article discussing the addition of creator and credit metadata (whenever present), as well as Copyright Notice metadata, to images on Google Images.

Thanks for sharing Wayne!

Free Luminosity Masking Panel for Photoshop CS6- If you are a user of the older Photoshop CS6 version, are comfortable working with layer masks and want to incorporate Luminosity Masking into your workflow please be aware the folks at ADP PRO have made an earlier version of their ADP Luminosity Mask Panel free for download. The big hitch is that it is compatible only with Photoshop CS6 – the last standalone version before Adobe went to subscription only Creative Cloud versions. There are also about two dozen videos on how to use the product on their site or on their YouTube channel.

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