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We offer a variety of programs designed to meet you where you are as a photographer and support your growth. This club is about celebrating great images. It is also about sharing what we know with each other, giving back and enjoying the company of other people who love photography.


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The Tidewater Camera Club, was founded in 1963 by Frederick A. Curtis, Louis Coffin, Lowell Thompson, Doris Reid and C.C. Harris. The Club began as an autonomous entity within the Academy of the Arts in Easton (now the Academy Art Museum). Although the two organizations are now separate and distinct, the TCC continues to work with the Academy to improve photography in the region.

The Tidewater Camera Club (TCC) is a private, non-profit organization located in Easton, Maryland, whose members actively exercise their interest in photography. 

The Club has evolved just as photography has, from film, “wet” darkrooms and final prints when we began in 1963, up to today’s digital cameras, “computer” lightrooms and screen displays of finished images.

But the members have always been interested in and supported just about everything photographic – the genres of photography; the techniques for capturing, processing and displaying photographs; and the commercial, educational, personal and artistic uses of photographs. 


Just as importantly, the members support and learn from each other, whatever the skill level,
or experience or age of the photographer, through fellowship and friendly competition.

We aim to help you develop with

free lectures available annually

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want to meet other photographers


want to improve my skill set

A Small sample of Our Judges Picks
from Last Year

Here are some of the member images from last year’s monthly competitions that our judges selected based on composition, technical merit and impact. Click the View More button below to see all the competion galleries from the last few years.


It was a pleasure to judge the Tidewater Digital Photo of the Year Contest. In these unusual times, the club did a wonderful job of setting up an on-line review.

I had judged for Tidewater before (in person!), for a regular monthly contest, but I was not prepared for how truly excellent all the images were for the final contest.

Mary Braman
MPA-Certified Judge and MPA Secretary

Our Team

These are the Officers responsible for club functioning.  Feel free to contact them with questions.

Wayne Zussman

Wayne Zussman


Jack Upchurch

Jack Upchurch


Rose Poling

Rose Poling


Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson

Vice President

Club Meetings

1st Monday of the month

Speaker Meeting

7pm – 9pm

3rd Monday of the month


Education on Photographic Topics

7pm – 9pm