New Club outing just added to the calendar

New Club outing just added to the calendar

Those who know me would agree that I write long emails – especially if you read them on your phone.  My incoming email comes to my workstation and I read it on a large monitor, and that is how I picture someone who gets an email from me.  My apology to the majority of you who read email on your phone. Communicating ideas, plans and objectives is what i do for a living, and it just takes more words to add proper context to get my job done. 

Photography is one place where words can be left to a bare minimum, if any words are needed at all.  Those who study communication scientifically observe that the vast majority of communication is non verbal (70-93% is what the current studies suggest), which is one major reason the Club is trying to do as much as possible in person. If you want to really connect with fellow Club members, meeting face to face at an outing is one of the best ways to get that done.  My goal for the Club is that members will begin to invite Club friends to join them, and the Club can serve as support.  It might be just the introduction to your next friend, or maybe the club can publicize the details of a great place to take photos.  The formal Outings program is where we start, and the brief details appear below, with the full details listed on our website accessed through the Calendar listing.  Do consider joining us when you can- even if a location doesn’t excite you at first- getting together with friends will be worth the trip.

The Tidewater Camera Club is proud to announce yet another upcoming outing for the purpose of some education, photography, and camaraderie.

This guided outing by David Blecman will take place on Saturday morning, July 29th, at 8 am at Centreville Wharf Park. 

There is a parking lot at the location.

When David did a brief scouting of the area, he saw a blue heron, osprey, eagle, and a small toddler. Yes, there is wildlife there, not to mention some great waterscapes.

David recommends bringing a circular polarizing filter as well as a wide and telephoto lens (or an “all-in-one”).

We also request that everyone meets in the parking lot at 8 am please, even if you arrived early and started wandering around. Meeting and getting to know one another is an important aspect of these outings. Feel free to stay as long or as short as you’d like.

If for any reason the weather is questionable, this event on the Tidewater Camera Club Calendar will be Clearly Updated and Marked CANCELLED no later than 6:30 am. Otherwise, it’s a go!

Yellowstone in Winter – 6 Member Exhibit at Dorchester Center for the Arts – Reception Saturday July 8 from 5-7 pm

Yellowstone in Winter – 6 Member Exhibit at Dorchester Center for the Arts – Reception Saturday July 8 from 5-7 pm

I’m shamelessly promoting our 6 photographers who took a workshop in Yellowstone during the winter and have collaborated to fill the Dorchester Center for the Arts (DCA) gallery with their unique perspectives all captured on the same trip.  Janet Kerr, Bill McDonnell, Mark Nelson, Joe Soares, Randy Welch and Wayne Zusssman each have a group of their favorites on display now.  I was allowed to vicariously join the trip by helping with printing, matting and framing for a couple of the photographers.  Here is a link to the DCA event from their website:

There is an unpublished Reception TOMORROW – Saturday, July 8 from 5-7pm where all of the photographers will be present.  Do consider joining them.  Also, there is a rumor that the following Saturday, July 15 around 5:30, there will be another gathering of the photographers with a planned 15-20 minute  presentation on Yellowstone with a slideshow of images that did not make the cut for hanging in the Gallery.  So, you have two opportunities to engage with our members and their accomplishment. 

Here are the DCA posted hours: 


Tidewater Camera Club starts new year three months early

In every June since the Tidewater Camera Club was founded in 1963, you could find members doing their own thing- same with July, same with August each year.  The Club closed down from June until September, until our members voted this April to move to a year round Club which opened the door to having summer Club sponsored activities.  Once you think about it, having a photography club active during the summer months makes all sorts of sense here on the shore.  The rest of the State spends the summer coming here to see the sights and enjoy some time relaxing- why would we want to shut down?  Some folks have summer homes here, and are only here during the summer. 

Newly elected Club Officers began planning  this June for a new club year that was already under way.  If you check out the Club Calendar page on the website, you’ll only find a few activities listed and only for this month, but we are just getting started, and other than members from last year, nobody yet knows about our change anyway.  Fun fact– have already  had more Club activity this June than in any other June for the past 60 years.  We are busy trying out how to have live in-person Club Meetings with Speakers and presentations and also make them available live via Zoom for folks who can’t make a meeting.  We have a group of ‘Digital Content Creators’ who are busy producing programs which we will be presenting on the 3rd Monday each month in the time slot where our Club Competitions used to be.  We tried this out last Monday, June 19 and had 32 people join us for our first two training topics.  Our Landscape & Wildlife Special Interest Group (SIG) still has meetings planned.  We plan to have an in-person Speaker Meeting on July 3 at 7pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Rt 50. 

We call ourselves a ‘member driven club’ which means that we are starting with a plan to make the Club relevant and valuable to members by scheduling activities that we think make sense, and which give members a chance to meet others and make new friends as well as have access to people with experience and willing to share what they know about taking pictures.  It also means that we will watch what members support through their attendance and listen to what types of programs they are interested in, and that will be what we work to grow more of as the year progresses.  For the time being, the Club website is the place to check for upcoming activities.  There is an outing just listed for July 6.  Members and previous members will get a newsletter in a couple of days with the information, but anybody checking the Club Calendar can find it there now.  It’s been a few years since any regular blog posts have appeared here.  We might even find a reason to start sharing things here again. Whatever our members find valuable will be on our radar…

Free Webinar titled “Tips for Shooting the Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction”

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RAL 6th Regional Juried Photography Exhibition – call for entries

RAL 6th Regional Juried Photography Exhibition – call for entries

Club Member Carol Ward has shared this Exhibit opportunity with fellow club members again this year.  Some TCC members exhibited here in the past and Carol wanted to make sure that notice went out before the entry deadline – which is DECEMBER 7 !!

February 12, 2021 through March 7, 2021

Registration Fee: $20.00 (Registration fee is non-refundable).
Call Deadline: Monday, December 7, 2020 (5pm).
Notification of Acceptance: by Monday, December 14, 2020.
Delivery of work shipped or dropped-off: Tuesday, January 5 through Sunday, February  7, 2021.
Pick-up of unsold work: March 9 through March 12, 2021.