Publishing opportunity for Queen Anne County guidebook

This was received today from former TCC member Cindy Williams Sigmon.  It’s a nice opportunity if you’ve shot recently in that county – but the deadline is very short.

Hi everyone! I am a member of Rotary of Kent Island. We are putting together a magazine entitled The Great Outdoors Guide. It is being put together with Rotary of Centreville. As an outdoor guide book, we would like the cover to be a photo taken in Queen Anne’s County. I volunteered to reach out to this group of stellar photographers to see if some of you would be interested in submitting for this cover page image.
The criterion are:
1) Must have been taken in Queen Anne’s Count, Maryland.
2) Indicate the location with your submission
3) Important: Only submit ONE photo
4) There is no financial renumeration but the photographer will be given credit in the magazine.
5) I will not submit any of my own images.
6) Submission Deadline: October 17th.
6) Submit your image to
7) A joint committee of the two rotaries will select the final image.
8) I’ll announce the winner here 🙂

Good luck,
Bill Geoghegan


Annual fall Tuckahoe Raptor Photo Shoot — Sunday 9/18

Red-tailed HawkThe annual fall Tuckahoe Raptor Photo Shoot (Feathers in Focus) will be held this Sunday, Sept 18th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. at Tuckahoe State Park.  For more information please call the park office at 410-820-1668.  The park is located at 13070 Crouse Mill Road, Queen Anne, MD 21657.
This shoot is a good opportunity to get close-up photos of common raptors in a natural setting and without the necessity of using extremely long lenses.
— Bill Geoghegan


Dorchester Center for the Arts Photography & Digital Arts Exhibit and Competition (Date Correction)

The Dorchester Center for the Arts has announced their 2016 Photography and Digital Arts Exhibit and Competition, running from Sept. 29 through Nov, 12, 2016 at the DCA in Cambridge.  The exhibit is open to DCA members and non-members, and has been a popular exhibit opportunity for TCC members, a number of whom also belong to DCA.  If you are interested, a registration form and modest entry fee is due by September 17, 2016.  Entries will need to be delivered on Sept. 24 or 26, and there will be a reception and (cash) awards Ceremony at DCA on October 8.

For complete details, download the announcement and registration form at DCA 2016 Photo Show Application

Bill Geoghegan

Academy Art Museum Exhibit – Correction

I had the wrong deadline date in the preamble to the post I sent out earlier this week.  It was correct in the body of the post, but not in the introduction, which should have read:

“This is a follow-up to the email that went out from the club on Sunday, reminding you that the deadline for the TCC’s juried exhibition at the Academy Art Museum this fall is almost upon us.  Digital images of the works you would like to submit are due by 11:45 PM on August 20.”

Sorry if this caused any confusion….

Bill Geoghegan

Reminder: Deadline for the TCC / Academy Art Museum Exhibition is Fast Approaching

This is a follow-up to the email that went out from the club on Sunday, reminding you that the deadline for the TCC’s juried exhibition at the Academy Art Museum this fall is almost upon us.  Digital images of the works you would like to submit are due by 11:45 PM on June 20.  The full text of the email, including links for additional information, follows:

Call for Submissions Reminder for the Biennial TCC Exhibit

Academy Art Museum

Exhibit Dates:  October 15, 2016 through November 28, 2016

Exhibit Details:

This is a reminder that JPEGs of your image submissions for the AAM exhibit are due August 20, 2016 by 11:45pm.

  • The theme is “Flight,” broadly interpreted. Creative and abstract interpretations are welcome. Remember to title the image appropriately if the connection to flight is not readily apparent.
  • The submitted images should have been taken on or after January 1, 2014 and should not have been on exhibit elsewhere.
  • Print size can range from 11×14 to 16×20 and frame size can be selected from 16×20, 18×24, 20×24 or 22×28.
  • Mat color can be white, off-white or black.
  • Only Furst Brothers black wood frame #399 is acceptable.

Submission Details:

  • Submit up to two image(s) as email attachments to
  • The image(s) should be submitted as a maximum quality .JPG file, at least 11×14 in size at 300 dpi (the image will be 2 MB or more in file size).
  • Title the image as follows: image title_member#_print size.jpg. There should be no spaces in the filename, and no characters other than letters, numerals and the underscore character. For example: “robin_in_flight_325_16x20.jpg”
  • Include the following information for each image submitted:
    • Artist name
    • Image title
    • Year taken
    • Medium
    • The words “Collection of the Artist” or “On Loan from …”
    • Value (the dollar amount for insurance purposes and the price you would sell it. Indicate NFS if you do not wish to sell the print but include a value for insurance purposes). The Academy takes a 25% commission for sold pieces so price accordingly.

A link to the exhibit details in pdf form is:

If you wish to participate in this exhibit, renew your club membership for the coming year when you submit your images. You can find the club membership form here.

If you have questions, please contact Janet Kerr, Jack Upchurch, or Chris Jewett.