Photographing Fall Foliage

Photographing Fall Foliage

The weather is gradually cooling down this time of year, and depending on where you are located, the summer foliage is starting to transform into the beautiful palette of colors of autumn. Fall foliage is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Around every turn are exciting colors and patterns. There are colors to the left, colors to the right, beautiful colorful leaves below your feet, and of course, above you.

Fall foliage photography can be extremely rewarding in almost any weather. On a beautifully sun-splashed day the colors are vibrant and electric. On a rainy day the colors are wet and saturated. Each droplet of rain on a leaf acts like a mini magnifying glass, magnifying the color and texture. A dusting of snow helps to highlight the fall colors against the whiteness of the snow. There is rarely a bad time to photography fall foliage.

There are no hard and fast rules as to which cameras and lenses are better than others. Just the mere fact that you are outside with any camera is a great start. Here are some tips that may help you accomplish more pleasing images:

  1. Using a tripod will ensure that you are not moving or shaking the camera. It will make for crisper photos.
  2. If the leaves are blowing in the wind, use a faster shutter speed.
  3. A circular polarizing filter will remove sun and other reflections off of the foliage and the colors will come out deeper and more saturated.
  4. Don’t forget to capture the beautiful hues of green.
  5. Don’t just look straight ahead. Look up, down, and especially…behind you.
  6. Wide angle lenses will capture more of a scene. Telephoto zoom lenses will allow you to create a tighter crop and zoom in tighter. Look for reflections of fall colors as well.
  7. Try to shoot in the RAW file format if you can, and then post process the images in your favorite computer imaging software. Do not over-saturate your colors however.

Off The Beaten Path

Off The Beaten Path

I love to travel, be it domestically or internationally. These days, and you can well imagine, most of my traveling is local and within the borders of the United States. Regardless of where I go, I love to travel off of the beaten path so to speak. Day trips, weekend trips, and longer trips affords me the opportunity to explore and to create some great landscapes.

On a recent week-long trip to the Bar Harbor, Maine region, I had several opportunities to travel unfamiliar territory (all of it was unfamiliar to me) and do some exploring. The weather was in the 70’s and the humidity was low as well. Quite a difference from the mid 90’s we have been experiencing in Maryland at the time.

What I will typically do is look at an online map of an area and then I look for water. Where there is water are usually bridges to shoot from or just great reflections of the surroundings.

If there are some great skies during the day, even better. A great sky to a photographer is one with stunning clouds against a great blue backdrop.

When I compose a landscape, I look for layers. Maybe there are some foreground grasses or a nearby tree, and then possibly a stream or lake or a meadow. Then another layer may be mountains or another line of trees, and then lastly a layer of the sky.

If you have not yet joined my free photography educational group, The Annapolis Photography Workshop Group, you may want to consider it. We do a lot of online training so your location will be irrelevant for the most part, but we also do in-person domestic and international workshops. Also don’t forget to visit my main website Positive Negatives , and be sure to check out all of the training videos I have produced and made available, typically for just $8

Art League of Ocean City Exhibit

Art League of Ocean City Exhibit

Just a reminder, the photos you have on exhibit at the Art League of Ocean City must be removed on Tuesday May 26 between 10am and 12noon.

The safe removal procedure at the gallery is:

1. Chris Jewett will be inside the gallery.

2. As you approach the gallery contact, Chris by text or phone 410.739.9990 so he knows to expect you.

3. When you arrive at the gallery, come up to the door. Remain outside.

4. When Chris sees you, he will bring your photographs outside to you.

If you cannot make it, please arrange for one of our other members to help you out and pick up your printsThanks. Neither the gallery nor Tidewater Camera Club will be held responsible for the safekeeping of any images that are left behind.

FYI- Member News, Call for Entries, Workshops

FYI- Member News, Call for Entries, Workshops

Member News-
Congrats to Wayne Zussman whose photos, “Thank You” and “Having a Beer”, were featured in the cover story of the May issue of What’s Up? Eastern Shore.
Congrats to Carol Ward whose photo, “Milky Way at Arches”, was awarded a Merit Award from Berkeley Arts Works in the Ninth Annual Art and Earth Juried Exhibit.

Call for Entries-
The Frederick Camera Clique is looking to showcase the full range of subject matter that photographers in the region capture with their cameras. There are no exclusions as to the type of photography that may be entered. Submissions are accepted through May 24. The exhibition will be held July 13 to September 3, 2019, at the Mary Condon Hodgson Gallery at Frederick Community College, 7932 Opossumtown Pike, Frederick, MD.

The Worcester County Arts Council invites all interested artists to participate in a juried art competition and exhibit to be presented during the month of July at the WCAC Gallery located at 6 Jefferson Street in Berlin. The exhibition is open to all artists (18 years old and older), professional or amateur with work in any media. All work must be original and completed within the last three years. The subject is “Hot Stuff” and is open to the artist’s individual expression and interpretation.  For more information, e-mail or contact Joe Scukanec at

Fine Art and Fine Junk Workshop with Fred Silber and David Blecman.  The June 8thworkshop at a Baltimore City architectural salvage yard will focus on learning to achieve tack sharpness, the importance of proper exposure and white balance, how to effectively utilize your camera’s live view, how to properly use an incident meter and more, including how to photograph textures, lines, shapes, patterns, intricate details, etc. The TCC members only morning session is sold out.  Several TCC members have signed up for the afternoon session from 2:30pm-5:30pm. This is the last call to register for the afternoon session before it is opened up to non-members on May 10th

The Harrisburg Camera Club will hold its 9th Annual Light & Creativity workshop Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Central Penn College Conference Center, Valley Road and B Street, Enola PA 17025. Speakers include Keynote Speaker, Kevin Holliday, who will discuss and show why we do things in photography rather than how we do them. Learn what it means to produce with vision and how to tell your stories through light and dark. Paula Chamlee will present The Art of Seeing: How to Make Better Photographs regardless of subject matter or materials used. Mark Bowie will take you beyond making traditional images of the Milky Way to expand your nocturnal repertoire and create heavenly nightscapes, and Penelope Taylor will cover the basics of infrared photography including the spectrum of light, the language of infrared, your gear options to capture infrared light, and good-practice capture tips and techniques.  As always, a continental breakfast and hot buffet lunch are included in your registration. Total registration is limited to 150. For more information and registration visit:

Maine – Autumn In Acadia / Acadia National Park / October 12 – 15, 2019 with Bob Fawcett. Photography Workshop / Autumn is a great time to visit Maine. Some of the areas we will shoot, based on weather and best light, include Cadillac Mountain, Jordan Pond, Great Head, Sand Beach, Otter Cliffs, Sieur De Monts Spring, The Bubbles, Eagle Lake and even Schoodic Peninsula. Hands-on field instruction will include using various techniques with Neutral Density filters for Long Exposures, Proper HDR Capture, Exposure Stacking, Focus Stacking, and Panoramas.  We will cover all the necessary skill sets based on time of day and light quality for image capture. Whatever it takes to get your best creative shot! Our hands-on classroom instruction includes step-by- step post processing techniques using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and DXO NIK Plug-Ins. Bring your laptop with these programs installed and improve your own post processing workflow. Email Bob at for more details and how to register. Cost for this workshop is $1050 and will be limited to 8 participants.

Odyssey of Light Seminar and Equipment for Sale

Odyssey of Light Seminar and Equipment for Sale

“Odyssey of Light” Seminar

A limited number of tickets have become available for the “Odyssey of Light” Seminar on Saturday, April 27.  They are on a first come basis!This seminar is being hosted by the Maryland Photography Alliance (MPA) and is one you will not want to miss.  Join 45-year award winning professional Ken Sklute and a Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer Essdras Suarez – for a refreshing, fast-paced, information-packed ONE-DAY seminar.  Spend the day learning Landscape Photography and Street Photography from two of the best.The ticket price is $99, however, MPA members pay only $79.  The cost is virtually free when you consider you will receive a $50 gift card from Nations Photo Lab and a free lunch.

Sponsors of the event include Canon, Nikon, Sony, Tamron, Service Photo, Nations Photo Lab, Road Runner Photography Tours, and the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

Contact me ( for the club code prior to purchasing tickets at

Equipment for Sale

Sigma SD14 14 megapixel DSLR camera, 4 lenses, flash, more! Condition is Used, but in Very Good to Excellent condition. $800 for everything. Nearly $4,000 when new. All lenses have Sigma’s proprietary SA mount that is not compatible with any other manufacturer’s cameras.

Sigma SD14 14 megapixel DSLR body, black (est. <3000 shutter clicks)

Sigma 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM lens w/Tiffen UV Protector filter, front and rear lens caps, sun shade
Sigma 10-20mm F3.5 EX DC HSM lens, front and rear lens caps, sun shade
Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG Macro OS HSM lens, front and rear lens cap, sun shade
Sigma 150-500mm F5.6-6.3 APO DG OS lens w/Tiffen UV Protector filter, front and rear lens caps, sun shade, carry case

Sigma EF-500 DG Super flash, case
Travel Charger battery charger w/ three lithium-ion batteries
Sigma RS-21 remote infrared shutter release
Ten Compact Flash memory cards:
4 Kingston 2GB Elite Pro 50x, 3 Kingston 4GB Elite Pro 133X, 3 SanDisk 4GB 30MB/s

Members may contact me at club meetings, by phone (410-443-7031) or email (

Cityscape/Townscape Photo Outing

Cityscape/Townscape Photo Outing

Hi everyone,

Next Wednesday (April 3) is the deadline for the digital image submissions.  The theme is “Cityscapes/Townscapes” and/or “Open with Two Year Time Limit”.  You can submit two Cityscapes/Townscapes images, or two Open with Time Limit images, or you can submit one of each.

If you’re interested in a Cityscape/Townscape Photo Outing in Easton this Saturday (March 30), let me know.  The plan is to meet at the Talbot County Courthouse located at 11 North Washington Street at 3:00pm and shoot until 5:00-5:30pm.  We can grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant and capture some night images afterwards.


P.S.  This will be our last theme-oriented photo outing for the club season.

March 18 Competition Meeting: Room Change

Hi everyone,

We were just notified that our meeting room was changed from the Wye Oak Room to the Chesapeake Room.   Steve Dembo will critique the images during the first half of the meeting.   The Post Processing SIG meeting will be held during the second half.


See you tonight!



Equipment for Sale & Workshops

Equipment for Sale & Workshops

Sorry- I forgot to include this information in the last post…

Equipment for Sale-
Canon 600 EX-RT speedlight……$200
Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT….$175
Canon 16-35mm 2.8 L lens……$500

Contact Charles Bilconish at  or 410-228-5818


Testrite Gallery Wall – Aluminum with 12” top extender and carry bag Dick Blick – $221.88. Asking $120.

Contact Fran Saunders at

April 11-15: Outer Banks II Photography Workshop with Carol Ward and Robert Fawcett
The focus will be to capture the Milky Way along with additional photography concepts and advanced techniques to improve your work.  As part of this workshop, hands-on Post Processing will be covered using Adobe Cloud products that include Lightroom, Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge.  In addition, NIK will be demonstrated within the workflow along with other Apps for stacking and blending of images.


April 6: Digital Photography – The Basics (Art League of Ocean City) with Joe Scukanec

April 27: Digital Photography – The Basics (Ward Museum – at the OC convention Center) with Joe Scukanec

Description – Bring your own interchangeable lens/DSLR camera and manual to class. Learn basic photographic principles beyond “Auto/Program” settings including shutter speed, aperture, flash and lens selection. The class will include a field session where all students will practice their newly acquired photography skills from image capture to download. A review of popular photo editing software is also included. The day will conclude with a review and critique of student images. Prerequisites – Students must bring their own interchangeable lens/DSLR camera, manual, fully charged camera batteries and laptop computer. Additional lenses and tripod (if you have them). Students are encouraged to bring a power strip or extension cord and extra batteries for wireless mouse.

SIGs, TCC Exhibit, Workshops, Photo Ops, Info Sharing

SIGs, TCC Exhibit, Workshops, Photo Ops, Info Sharing

Special Interest Group Meetings-

February 28- Wildlife/Nature from 7-8pm and Landscape from 8-9pm in the Wye Oak Room. Bring a print or digital image on flash drive for discussion.

TCC Print Exhibit at Todd Performing Arts Center, Chesapeake College

March 1- Deliver your registered prints to the lobby of TPAC between 10am-12pm. Ned Egan and Chris Jewett will be installing the exhibit (if you can arrive closer to 10am, that would be appreciated).  The exhibit will run from March 1 through April 29.

Lectures & Live Streaming-

Beginning today, a live stream of wedding and portrait photography presentations will be available at, with select presentations also being streamed to Nikon USA’s Facebook page ( and YouTube channel (

Coastal Camera Club Photo Beach Bash- March 24. Topics include “Visual Storytelling, Creating a Photo Essay” by Jay Fleming, “A New Frontier: Creating Extra Ordinary Images On Your Mobile Phone” by Rad Drew, “The Art of the Street Portrait” by Derek “Chase” Fahsbender and “Producing Images With Impact” by Keynote Speaker, Joe Brady.

Odyssey of Light Seminar sponsored by Maryland Photography Alliance- April 27.  Former Canon Explorer of Light, Ken Sklute, will be discussing “Landscape and Night Photography”, and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Essdrass Suarez, will be discussing “Street Photography”. As a club member of MPA, TCC member ticket price is $79 (includes a $50 Nations Photo Lab Gift Card, free parking and free lunch).

Equipment for Sale-

Canon 5D MkIII (5D3) plus extras – $1300. Pristine condition, 17,688 clicks. Original owner. Includes box, battery, charger, manual, small carrying bag and 3 X 8GB CF cards.
Canon 1D MkIV (1D4) – $750 firm. Excellent+ condition, 189,250 clicks, regularly serviced, recently cleaned sensor. Includes Canon battery and Canon charger, and six 1000x 16 GB CF cards.
Canon EF 180mm f/3.5 L AF Macro – $850 firm. Like new, glass is pristine. Includes tripod ring mount, Wimberly lens plate and Canon zippered zoom case. Non-IS, great for focus stacking.
Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.L – $350 firm. Excellent condition, original owner.  Zoom ring turns effortlessly. Includes box and pouch if I can find them.
Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC for Canon – $500 firm. Scarcely used. Note: the zoom ring on these is tighter than on a Canon 24-70mm, and it zooms in the opposite direction. Includes original box and pouch if I can find them.
Contact Scotty Bruce – 410-829-0606,
Nikon D4 — $2200, 9831 shutter actuations.Excellent condition, original packaging and User’s Manuals, 2 batteries, 32GB UDMA7 CF Memory Card, Really Right Stuff tripod quick release plate, NikonD4/D4S by David Busch.
Nikon AF-S 16-35mm f4 ED VR lens– $700,excellent condition (rarely used), original packaging and User’s Manual, UV filter.
Contact Chris Jewett-
Canon 3-in-1 model TS6120 designed to run with WIN 10 Needs replacement of a color cartridge the other four cartridges are about 1/2 full. Documentation and CD with drivers. Free. Contact Jim Campbell-

Members’ Workshops-

David Blecman’s “Encore: The Fantastic Florida Dead of Winter Photography Workshop Get-Away”. March 2-3.

David Blecman’s“The Charming Charleston Photographic Workshop”. May 18-19.  $200 discount if you book by March 15.

Around the Town-

Academy Art Museum Course- “Creating a Photo Project with Stephen Walker”. This is a four-week course for intermediate photographers who are looking for creative motivation. Students will brainstorm, plan, research and execute a series of images with emphasis on visual storytelling.4 weeks: March 9 – 30, 2019. Saturdays, 10 pm–12 noon.

Photo Ops-

Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Potato Race, downtown Easton. The parade will kick off at 5:30 p.m. with over 40 floats, performers, and organizations, including Easton’s famous bagpipers.  The annual Potato Race on Washington Street will take place immediately after the parade.

Annual Carpenter Street Saloon shopping cart races are held every year on St. Patrick’s Day at midnight in St. Michaels.