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Members are encouraged to participate in the club monthly photo competitions. While there are points awarded by a judge or panel of judges, much of the focus is on learning to take a better picture. Members have asked for critique and live question and answer, and this is where the club provides this benefit.

Many of us believe that participating in these “theme guided” photography assignments is a good way of learning new techniques which one might otherwise have never tried. Themes are designed to provide challenge and teach varying photographic skills, and oftentimes tie in with a previous months speaker meeting topic or a prior club workshop.

The club strives to maintain a friendly and constructive environment while providing specific comments designed to illustrate good photographic technique, and facilitate learning. New members will find it rewarding to sit back and observe the critiques of other members’ images for a while, but the real learning comes from submitting your own best efforts and getting feedback on your submission ! 

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The Tidewater Camera Club has an extensive program of events throughout the year, these include group shoots, lectures and workshops.

Tidewater Camera Club conducts monthly member photo competitions. The entries are scored and critiqued to help members improve their skills.


Tidewater Camera Club conducts many member photo exhibits. Find out more on where and when you can view our members work and be inspired!