3rd Monday Photography Education – session 1

3rd Monday Photography Education – session 1


“An Introduction to Seeing”  by Speaker Graham Scott-Taylor

This topic is intended for Beginners to Advanced Level Photographers.

The first TCC education topic will be available via Zoom only at 7pm.  Graham Scott-Taylor will present an introduction to a series of topics designed to zero in on skills a photographer needs to bring to bear when creating art using photography.  The series is called “Becoming more Artistically Successful in Taking Photographs” will be presented  over the course of the coming TCC club year. 

The club will attempt to roughly categorize these educational topics based on their intended audience.  Some topics will be labeled as Beginner Topics, which means that the audience is not expected to have a prior mastery of the photographic topic.  Intermediate level topics will assume that the audience has a basic working understanding of the topic and is seeking to further and refine the skills associated with the topic.  Advanced level topics are those intended for folks who have good working knowledge of the topic and who are seeking to refine and even master a skill. 


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