Club Photography Outing – Yellow Trail off Wye Island Rd

Club Photography Outing – Yellow Trail off Wye Island Rd

The Tidewater Camera Club’s next outing will be on Saturday, October 21st at 10am.

We will be walking the beautiful Yellow Trail off of Wye Island Rd, that walks us past photographic autumn corn fields, down foliage covered paths, and around Granary Creek.

To get there, take Rt 50 to Carmichael Road, which is only on the southeast bound side of Rt 50. Once you turn onto Carmichael Rd, go exactly 6.5 miles to a grass parking lot on the right hand side right about at Lodge Lane. 

Keep in mind that Carmichael Rd turns into Wye Island Rd after approx 4.5 miles from Rt 50. You’ll eventually go over the Wye River and keep going to the parking area.

You may want to photograph some landscapes as well as close up foliage, corn, pine cones, etc.

If the weather looks like it won’t cooperate, this outing will be cancelled on the Tidewater Club Calendar no later than 8am.

If you have a burning life-altering question, text David Blecman at 410.465.8585

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