Competition Meeting

Competition Meeting

Theme:  V President’s Choice – WATER

Submission Deadline: March 9, 2022. 

Time Limit: Image must have been taken after January 17, 2022

We photographers, who are fortunate to live near the Chesapeake Bay and other bodies of water, see water in its many forms.  From reflections, silky waterfalls, rippling waves, abstracts, to seeing to the bottom of the pond, water serves as a picture-perfect subject, stage, and backdrop.  Water has no inherent color but can convey a mood and define the atmosphere.  You can see into it, across its surface and what it reflects around it all at the same time.  Water moves and changes shape. It can behave as a destructive force or as a calm, meandering, gentle presence.  Water can be deep or shallow.

A strong image of Water will complement its mood, movement, and behavior.  For this theme, please submit a maximum of two images with Water as the predominant element.

Judge: Jay Fleming


Please name your jpg files as follows: Image Title (with each word separated by an underscore) Member ID Number (underscore) Section (dot) jpg For Example: wye_oak_123_b.jpg

If you are a paid up TCC member you may submit one or two images to

You should receive an automated confirmation that your submission has been received.

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