Critique Meeting with Dave Harp – Live

Critique Meeting with Dave Harp – Live

Members are encouraged to submit images for our upcoming critique meeting.Dave Harp has challenged us … no time limits, but he did want some interesting images to chat about.

Photographing What You Can’t “See”

In his talk last month, Dave Harp discussed his approach to photography – Look, See, Observe, Discern. 

This month’s critique assignment is a twist on that. You are being asked to photograph the wind. 

You can’t see the wind, but you can observe it’s effect.  And you can select which example of its impact to photograph. For example, a gentle breeze can ripple a pond, or a light wind can urge grasses into a shapely pattern, or a gust can blow out an umbrella, or a storm can throw waves against a breakwater. 

You may submit up to two images, prepared as follows:

  • Format: jpg
  • Size: 1500 pixels maximum on the longest side
  • Color Space: sRGBto render colors correctly on screen
  • Naming: Member ID Number followed by -1, or -2. E.g., 123-1.jpg, 123-2.jpg
  • Submit to: 
  • Submit by: 11:50 PM Friday March 29

 We look forward to seeing what you can’t “see.”

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