Critique Meeting zoom only

Critique Meeting zoom only

The person providing the critique will be Ed Palaszynski. Ed is the Program Chair for MPA Judges. That is, he arranges for the training of photography judges in the Maryland Photography Alliance’s Judges Program, assists MPA Clubs to identify judges for their competitions, and supports the continuing development of the MPA judges.

Ed will be providing his critique via Zoom. Members have been emailed the meeting link and it is available in the Members Only area of the website.


Here is the Assignment Detail:

Finding inspiration at home

 Not every photograph requires going to a “destination.”  This assignment asks you to think local, to look and see what is right around you again, anew, afresh.

Maybe there’s something on the way to the grocery store, or maybe something catches your eye walking in the neighborhood. Maybe the light is interestingly different when you walk into the kitchen.

Or maybe you have a familiar subject you’ve shot before and want to look at from a new angle or try a new technique, in your camera or in post-processing.

The theme is open, and the challenge is to find great light and/or subject material in your home, or your neighborhood or within 30 minutes of your home.

You may submit up to two images, prepared as follows:

  • Format: jpg
  • Size: 1500 pixels maximum on the longest side
  • Color Space: sRGB to render colors correctly on screen.
  • Naming: Member ID Number followed by -1, or -2. E.g., 123-1.jpg, 123-2.jpg,
  • Submit to:
  • Submit by: 11:50 PM Friday February 2

Date of Event

Time of Event