Flower Garden Outing

Flower Garden Outing

One of our competition judges, Bobbie Brittingham has contacted the club to offer her 4 Acre Easton garden for clubmember outings to shoot flowers and ornamental trees.  This is short notice, but she says she has blooms all the time, with Peonys and Iris ready to bloom any minute.  Her garden has many texture rich plants and we would be welcome to stay until the light changes if we wish.

Seriously, flowers are NOT my specialty, which is why I wanted to give this a try.  I won’t have to drive hours to see what happens. She has parking enough for as many as 10 of us.  I will take the first 10 and let everybody know whether you have a spot and give you her address.  Being outdoors, this might be just the kind of outing you need to break back into doing something out of the house with live people.

If you choose to accept this assignment, please contact jack to see if we can squeeze you in.

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