Gallery Opening of “Six Views of Yellowstone in Winter”

Gallery Opening of “Six Views of Yellowstone in Winter”

Although technically NOT a Camera Club Exhibit, all 6 exhibitors are Club Members.  It will be worth checking. 

In February 2022 six TCC members spent 10 days in Yellowstone National Park. Janet Kerr, Bill McDonnell, Mark Nelson, Joe Soares, Randy Welch and Wayne Zussman roamed through Yellowstone via SUV and snow coach, with Nikhil Bahl and Tom Field as their guides. 

The “Yellowstone Six” have prepared some of their favorite images, which will be on display at the Dorchester Center for the Arts from July 1 – 28. They hope these images capture some of the grandeur and wonder of this special place. So, visit DCA. These images just might and encourage you to visit, or return to, Yellowstone yourself.

Dorchester Center for the Arts

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