In Person Critique Meeting

In Person Critique Meeting

This month’s assignment continues our theme this year of making images that tell a story, that are about something. The general topic this month is STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

For this assignment you will submit up to three images that represent a scientific, technological, engineering or mathematical principle, example or process AND provide some brief text to tell a story about that principle, example or process. The text should be a headline and a paragraph or two with the story and some key details about your subject. Also, tell us your formatting preferences, eg, which image is the background, placement of headline and/or text, etc.

Or, if you are comfortable working images and text in Photoshop or PowerPoint or another application, feel free to create your own infographic. Just submit it as a pdf.

So, pick a STEM subject that that you want the rest of us to know is really interesting. Maybe you like something in chemistry, biology, botany or physics. Maybe you’re a car guy or are fascinated by electronics. Maybe you want to share how bridges or buildings are built. Or maybe you simply want us to finally understand trigonometry or calculus. 

We’ll arrange what you submit to prepare an “infographic” of your subject, like one of the examples below.

You may submit up to three images (and your text), prepared as follows:
• Format: jpg
• Size: 1500 pixels maximum on the longest side
• Color Space: sRGB to render colors correctly on
• Naming: Member ID Number followed by -1, -2
or -3. E.g., 123-1.jpg, 123-2.jpg, 123-3.jpg
• Submit to:
• Submit by: 11:50 PM Friday December 1


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