Outing to Chesapeake City

Outing to Chesapeake City

The next TCC get-together-in-person outing will take place on Thursday morning June 20th at 10 am in Chesapeake City, MD. We will meet on the corner of Bohemia Ave and 3rd Street, in front of the Chesapeake City United Methodist Church. You can park right there. Chesapeake City is a beautiful little town with wonderful local shops and restaurants, as well as the Back Creek flowing underneath a spectacular bridge. You can even walk up on the bridge and shoot down on the city. There are amazing flowers and quaint beautiful porches as well.

There are unlimited photo opportunities, and training by Dave Blecman will also be available for those that need some instruction or just some answers.

If weather looks iffy, check back on the TCC calendar for an update posted no later than 8am.

Image is not Chesapeake City- but an AI image created using the prompt ‘image of a small rural street scene’ . 

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