Slow Road to Crocheron – members only

Slow Road to Crocheron – members only

The towns of Crapo, Wingate, Toddville, Bishops Head, and Crocheron, in southern Dorchester County, were once thriving communities. Their proximity to the Honga River and the Chesapeake Bay made them a desirable location, and the towns thrived. There were multiple stores, shops, churches, funeral homes, and seafood processing plants.

Times changed. Job opportunities declined, and flooding and lack of county services became consistent issues. People began to leave, and the stores closed. The last grocery store (in Bishops Head) closed early last year, as there weren’t enough people left to support it.

We’ll meet at the Wingate marina, combine cars as much as possible, and go exploring. Our journey will end in Crocheron (pop. 25), and then we’ll return to the marina.

Date: Saturday, January 8

Time: 2:00 pm

Max participants: 12

What to expect: marinas, workboats, abandoned houses and buildings, water vistas, sunset, and more.

Send me an email message or text to let me know you’re participating. Please let me know if you need to cancel an existing reservation. Note that the Tidewater Camera Club respects all “No Trespassing” signs.

Robert Sullivan


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