Speaker Meeting – Lori Lankford

Speaker Meeting – Lori Lankford


Lori Lankford is an established nature photographer, digital artist, and instructor. Her passion for photography began as a way to capture her travel adventures. Over the years, she dived into the fine details of macro and flower photography. She loves to escape so deeply into the details of a tiny object. Lori spends her free time in local gardens across the country, shooting in the natural light and capturing its beauty. Lori’s work is exhibited in local and national gallery exhibits, printed calendars, magazine publications, and catalogs.

Lori has a love for teaching and sharing her passion for nature and creative photography. She leads workshops in the Virginia/DC area. You can learn more about Lori on her website, www.lorilankford.com

Creative Close-Up Photography

Macro Photography opens up new worlds both indoors and outdoors. Nature Photographer Lori Lankford will present an overview of close-up photography techniques, inspiration, composition, and creative ideas to inspire you to capture the smallest details in nature. 

Close-up means you’re just shooting at a short distance from the subject. You can use virtually any lens to achieve close-up photos.

Macro means you’re taking super close-ups of objects.  It is when the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life-size.

 Macro photography encourages a close view. It requires you to look for the minute subject matter and to make the everyday objects appear extraordinary. It will require a macro lens or the use of extension tubes or filters on a fixed lens. 


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