Speaker Meeting

Speaker Meeting

Speaker: Denise Silva


Have you ever noticed that some images just demand your attention? That’s because those photographers have used well-founded elements of design and composition to enhance their work. Strong compositions make for appealing imagery… Learn what makes an image strong by understanding the elements of design. Also learn how to apply the “rules” of composition and why it is absolutely OK to break those rules!

Bio – Denise’s interest in photography started when her grandmother would share images from her travels to Egypt and Africa for safari. The evenings watching slideshows set the seed. 35-years later those seeds took root and inspired Denise to embrace photography and more specifically travel photography and Road Runner Photography Tours was born.

Denise has been recognized as one of the Top 200 Women Photographers Who Inspire by Nature Photo Guides and has had multiple articles published in Extraordinary Vision (EV) Magazine, and is a featured artist in Breakthrough Photography’s Guide to Night Sky Photography

Her passion is to share her knowledge of photography, while introducing people to the amazing landscapes, wildlife, and people all over the world. 

She has contributed multiple articles to Fujifilm X/GFX USA website and has been interviewed by Peggy Farren, of Understanding Photography, on Overcoming the Challenges of Street Photography (Check the interview out here). 

Denise recently had three images published in Black & White Magazine, 2021, Smartphone issue. Denise is also featured in the 2021, Lenswork, Our Magnificent Planet 2021 edition, available in December 2021. 

Denise embraces the idea that everyday above ground is a good one, so get out and enjoy! Join her and her team for your next adventure


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