Speaker Meeting April 2021

Speaker Meeting April 2021

Speaker: Valérie Jardin

Topic: “Street photography: First Steps and Beyond”

Speaker Bio / Background: Chasing Light.  The camera is an extension of my vision. It captures what I see. Images help me tell the story of the light I chase in the urban landscapes I visit. Every time I make an image, I capture a moment in time that will never occur again. Each frame I shoot becomes extraordinary in its uniqueness. The people. The architecture. The light. The shadows. When they come together, they form the stories of the cities that I want to show my students.   Telling Stories.  My love of humankind drives me to wander the city streets tirelessly to capture the candid moments of daily life. These are the everyday moments most people would not see. These are the moments I want to find and tell. I thrive on searching and waiting for just the right moment when a story unfolds in a single frame; where context and subject intersect with me there, honored to tell its story to the world. And I am happiest when I get lost on purpose, and let the city reveal its magic to me. The urban landscape is always surprising me with the new stories that unfold throughout the day and into the night. With this, photography continues to change my life. Street photography: First Steps and Beyond In this presentation Valérie will give an overview of the different ways to approach street photography. She will go over the ethical aspect of this popular genre of photography, the do’s & don’ts and how to get over the fear of photographing strangers in the streets. Through examples from her body of work, Valerie will show you different techniques to tell a story in a frame and ways to make stronger street photographs. You will leave this presentation with a renewed vision.

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