Speaker Meeting Assignment Critique – Live at UUFE

Speaker Meeting Assignment Critique – Live at UUFE

This Speaker meeting is open to the public.  Our speaker, David Blecman from last month gave us an assignment, and members are encouraged to submit using the link below by August 9, 11:30pm.

The Assignment details are simple (pun intended): 

Minimalist Photography. I encourage you to type those two words into a search engine and then click on “images.” See exactly what might qualify for Minimalist Photography, and then create your own interpretations. Images must be taken between July 2nd, 2024  and August 9. Nothing older than July 2nd, 2024 will be accepted. GO SHOOT NEW WORK!!

TCC submission details: You may submit up to two images that both meet the theme and that you think are good, prepared as follows:

• Format: jpg
• Size: 1500 pixels maximum on the longest side
• Color Space: sRGB to render colors correctly on screen
• Naming: Member ID Number followed by -1, or -2, eg, 123-1.jpg, 123-2.jpg
• Submit to: digitalsubmit@tidewatercameraclub.org   

An AI prompt of “minimalist photograph” produced the following examples, or just search for yourself —

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