Speaker Meeting Howard Clark via Zoom

Speaker Meeting Howard Clark via Zoom

Part 2 continued from the “Getting from Good to Great” lecture from last month,

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On May 1, Howard Clark, who addressed the Club in April, will provide a critique of images submitted by participants of his “Getting from Good to Great presentation on April 3rd.   Please note that this is not a competition.  There will be no scores and no awards — just an expert opinion regarding the positive and/or negative aspects of the images submitted.  Since Howard can only handle around 50 to 60 images, each member is invited to submit no more than 3 images for critique.  Howard does not care when the images were taken, what the subject might be, or your standing in Club competitions.  Please be sure that Howard receives your images on or BEFORE April 23rd.  The surefire way to send images is to attach them to an email addressed to HClarkNEMA@gmail.com.

Image characteristics:  Each image should be 2000 pixels high and in the sRGB color space.    Image names should follow this example:  Howard_Clark_1, Howard_Clark_2, and Howard_Clark_3.  Depending on the number of entries received, Howard may need to set aside some or all the “3s.”  (Last #3 pictures to arrive will be the first ones dropped.)

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