Speaker Meeting – In person at UUFE (and via zoom for members only)

Speaker Meeting – In person at UUFE (and via zoom for members only)

John Barclay — “Discovery & The Creative Choice”

 The Public is invited to attend the meeting in person.

** Members will find the zoom link on the Members Only page of the website and also in the Member Newsletter.

John’s Bio

I always created images, but I was never “a photographer.”  I told myself I wasn’t creative.  I wasn’t artistic.  But I had this new camera and I wanted to learn how to use it.  I sought out great photographers like Dan Sniffin, Tony Sweet and Nancy Rotenberg and I emulated them, listened to them, and learned from them.  But I became a photographer in my own right when I was told to look only through  my own viewfinder “and make the pictures that only you can see.”  

Being genuinely aware of the beauty around me as I look through my lens feeds my soul and brings me great joy.  Following that inner eye, I photograph whatever makes my heart sing.  I have explored diverse subjects and continue to learn processing techniques that bring my vision to life.

I am eager to share my journey with others photographers on theirs, to help them pay attention to what turns their heads, to help them feel more connected to the experience of making unique images that make their hearts, too, sing.


John’s Talk

“Discovery & The Creative Choice”

This program comes from my observation of those whom I photograph with or teach in a workshop. I have witnessed their struggle to discover worthy images.

As with all of my programs, it is also autobiographical in that I have the same struggles. These struggles come from what I call F.U.D. or fears, uncertainty and doubts.

Once we encounter F.U.D., it becomes difficult to find something to photograph. The intent of this program is to address the F.U.D. and then I will suggest ideas as to how we can overcome it.

I will share concepts, ideas, and images designed to build confidence and inspire any level of photographer. At the end of the presentation, I will show 7 personal “discoveries” with a number of images in an effort to cement the concepts discussed.

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