Speaker Meeting In-Person at UUFE

Speaker Meeting In-Person at UUFE



Monday, March 4, 2024

Meeting starts at 7pm and will conclude around 9pm

The Public is invited to join our In-Person Speaker Meetings as guests.

Photography, Looking and Seeing

Photography is largely about observation whether it be the dew on blade of grass in the early morning light or pressing the shutter button during that decisive moment when a subject is just right.  It’s also about what to include and what to exclude from that viewfinder frame that, for a brief moment becomes the photographer’s universe.

The art of observation can be honed over time and I will talk about my photographic journey over nearly half a century photographing the Chesapeake Bay.  

Another aspect of my talk will be about planning landscape photography around weather and light.   And understanding of weather phenomena, careful scrutiny of forecasts, tide tables and times of sunrise, moonrise and other astronomical data are critical to successful photographs.

Dave Harp

A lifelong Marylander, Dave Harp operates a corporate and editorial photography business in Cambridge, MD.  He is a 1969 graduate of Ohio University, with a degree in English literature.  

He served as the staff photographer for the Hagerstown Morning Herald and was the photographer for The Baltimore Sun Magazine for nearly a decade before establishing his own business in 1990.

His  magazine work has taken him from the coast of Normandy for a story on the 40th anniversary of D-Day to western Australia for coverage of the America’s Cup and to the tropical rain forests of Panama for magazine and corporate photography.  

Harp’s inspiration comes from exploring literal and figurative edges: shorelines, communities, habitats, and traditional worklife where culture and nature connect, creating the essence of what defines the Chesapeake. 

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