Speaker Meeting May 2021

Speaker Meeting May 2021

Speaker: Ken Fischer

 Topic: “Simple Steps to Improve the Performance of Your Laptop or Desktop Computers”

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There are nine areas of a computer which can typically impact system performance. Failure to pay close attention to these items often leads to user frustration, decreased productivity, wasted resources, security issues, hardware failures, and premature replacement of equipment.

During this presentation, attendees will:


  • Receive an overview of the most common causes of computer performance issues.
  • Understand how each of those causes affects both Windows and Mac OSX environments.
  • Gain an understanding of why their computers aren’t as fast as they used to be.
  • Develop the confidence to perform simple maintenance tasks (even if they don’t consider themselves to be computer savvy today).
  • Learn a simple framework that they can follow to get immediate results whenever they are faced with computer performance issues.


Ken Fischer is the Founder and CEO of Fischer IT Solutions, an Annapolis Maryland technology company which specializes in providing enterprise-class services to small businesses. Founded in 2012, Fischer IT Solutions provides intelligent networks, automated systems, productivity tools, and proactive services which allow their clients to focus their attention and energy on reaching their business goals.


Born in Annapolis to entrepreneurial parents, Ken became fascinated with the challenges and opportunity of entrepreneurship at an early age.  He has dedicated more than 20 years to the study of business-class technology and leverages that knowledge to guide business leaders in making smart technology choices that empower them to grow and scale their business.


Ken Fischer
President and Chief Idea Guy, Fischer IT Solutions

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