Speaker Meeting – Tony Sweet – Zoom Only

Speaker Meeting – Tony Sweet – Zoom Only


Tony Sweet worked as a professional jazz drummer for 20 years. He started working in photography during the period in jazz clubs.[1] Sweet later changed careers and focused on nature photography. He is now best known for his fine art nature and floral images using digital technology to produce fine art ink-jet (giclee) prints. His photographs are published internationally and represented by Getty Images.

Sweet conducts photography workshops throughout the United States and Canada. Tony maintains an active speaking schedule on the subjects of nature and flower photography and marketing, lecturing at professional photography organizations, universities, seminars, and workshops in the U.S. and Canada. He is a member of the Baltimore chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers(ASMP), and is a memberof Nik Software’s Team Nik.

An interview with Tony on macro photography was published in The New York Times. Tony has authored five books on the art of photography: Fine Art Nature Photography (’02), Fine Art Flower Photography (’05) Fine Art Nature Photography: Water, Ice, Fog (’07), Fine Art Digital Photography (’09) and HDR Photography (2011).


Tony’s talk will be “Photograph where you Live: Finding inspiration at home”

“Many people casually photograph in their neck of the woods, which can be rewarding, but few have made it a project to explore a few local photo locations through all 4 seasons for over 20 years.

My home is not close to a national park or other important scenic area. Great Falls is about 90 minutes away, but we’ll be focusing on working around in a busy, populated area, where I and most people live. 

This presentation illustrates images made within 30 minutes of our house over a decade, illustrating that great light and subject material is everywhere. We even have our private Cades Cove 5 minutes from our house. 

We will discuss shooting strategies and local photo ops that are everywhere that we take for granted. And I will discuss each image in terms of composition and visual impact.”

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