Bob Fawcett

“Capturing the Night Sky & Milky Way”
Monday – October 1, 2018 7-9pm
Talbot Community Center, Wye Oak Room

Bob retired from 31 years of government service, 26 of those years as a Forensic/Scientific/Technical Photographer.  Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the interest in photography began early with his father taking the family on those weekend drives through the country, taking in the scenery down those back roads never explored.  Little did he know back then that photography would become a career that would take him on a journey to places around the globe. As Bob continues his journey, the plan is to share with others the passion of photography and pass along the experiences from the days of film to the current digital world. 

From the beginning and up to the present time, he has always been a true believer of shooting in a manual mode, using the three things of what photography is- ISO, Aperture and Shutter.  Bob believes that when mastered, you can be in total control of light and the vision in your mind to capture the creative images you desire. 

During tonight’s meeting, Bob will provide a visual presentation of images captured in Maryland and other parts of the United States. Through the series of images presented, Bob will discuss the what (what’s necessary for capturing the night sky including gear and lighting), when and where (planning with basic apps, maps and other tools to find the dark sky and Milky Way position and other factors that guarantee a successful night outing), and how (camera basics of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focusing and composition) of capturing the night sky and Milky Way Galaxy.  Throughout the discussion recommendations for post-processing will be touched on as well.





Visitors are welcome to attend the seminar.