Bob Peterson

“Calendar Production and Sales”
Monday – October 7, 2019 7-9pm
Talbot Community Center, Wye Oak Room


Have you ever wondered what it takes to prepare, print, advertise, sell, and ship something like a calendar? I will tell my story of how I learned to do it and pass on a number of tips that may help you. Much of what I present will also apply to similar items like books or other photo products. I will cover printing options, how I advertise, my e-commerce web site, packaging, and shipping options. I will also show examples of my calendars along with packaging and shipping supplies.

My sales grew from about 200 the first year and in my fourth year I hope to sell 1800 calendars, all of which are sold on my web site and shipped from my home.




I started in photography in high school and was active with both 35mm and medium format cameras. I did weddings and a lot of travel photography and had my own darkroom, to include color printing. However, as my kids started growing up and I got busy with work, I slipped back to using point and shoot cameras for many years, to include my first few digital cameras. I got
back into photography about seven years ago and am primarily shooting landscapes, architecture, and nature photography. I am a volunteer photographer for Historic London Town and Gardens.

My photographs are featured in the Annapolis Visitor’s Center on West Street, in numerous advertisements for Visit Annapolis, in the lobby of the Clantenoff Pavilion at the Anne Arundel Medical Center, on the cover of the 2015 Annapolis Visitor’s Guide, and on the cover of the December 2014 edition of Chesapeake Bay Magazine. I am a board member of the Maryland
Federation of Art, have exhibited in numerous juried shows at the Circle Gallery and other venues, and am an active member of the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis. I also do a lot of Naval Academy photography in my role as a sponsor of Midshipmen.


Originally from Pennsylvania, I currently reside in Annapolis with my wife Ruth.

Bob Peterson
Annapolis, MD