Brian Zwit

Mr. Zwit is a nature and outdoor photographer based in northern Virginia who is obsessed with capturing the elegance and majesty of unique landscapes, wildlife, and flora throughout the United States. 

Mr. Zwit’s images are in private residences and corporate offices and have been used in regional magazines and corporate publications. He teaches workshops and classes and works with many nature and environmental organizations.  He speaks to camera clubs, schools, and other non-profit organizations on creativity and photographic techniques.  Mr. Zwit is well known for his ability to distill complex topics into their essences and explain them in simple, easy to understand terms.


“Night Photography”
Monday – February, 6 2017
7– 9pmTalbot Community Center, Wye Oak Room

On February 6th, Brian will be introducing his audience to night and star photography.  He will explain how to use the camera at night, what to photograph and when and how to post-process night images to get the most amazing photographs. 

He states that putting away your camera at night is going to cause you to miss some unique and unusual opportunities for great images.  However, photographing at night also poses problems for the photographer. Exposure times increase dramatically and focusing becomes critical as you are shooting at small f-stops while auto-focus becomes slow and, in many cases, useless.  Good technique, e.g., tripod use, is mandatory, and post-processing more complex.  These can be easily overcome but not without expanding camera and post-processing skills, planning before going out to the field, and practice.  

The Public is encouraged to attend.