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David Blecman

“The Importance of Post Processing”
Monday – October, 2 2017
7– 9pmTalbot Community Center, Wye Oak Room


During this presentation, David Blecman will give you a bit of a taste as to why post processing is every bit as important as the capturing of your images.

He will show you why you should be capturing your images in RAW, and why it’s so important that you strive to master post processing skills.   He will show you “plug-in” programs that work in conjunction with Lightroom and Photoshop that will make post processing so much easier for you.   If you do not use Lightroom or Photoshop, and if you are a bit intimidated to try them, he will knock those intimidations out of the park for you.

Be prepared to have your eyes opened.

David Blecman started his photographic career fresh out of high school in 1978, and before turning twenty, he was named Photo Editor of the county newspaper. After many years of shooting weddings and such, he started Positive Negatives in 1997, and concentrated in the commercial photography arena. He is now an internationally recognized photographer and instructor, having taught photographers, models, and makeup artists.

He has photographed projects for such clientele as Sears, JC Penney, Bath & Body Works, Seagrams Americas, Cornell University, various hotel chains and many more.  David has also been hired to photograph such celebrities as President George W. Bush, Christina Aguilera, Jimmy Buffett, Beyonce, Celine Dion and numerous others.

He currently shoots for magazines, clothiers, fashion designers, and numerous other print and commercial accounts, as well as for models, actors, and their agencies.  He has been published many times, and his specialties include, but are not limited to, child and adult models, architectural, food and fashion subjects, location and studio work.

David continues to teach and speak and judge at modeling and photography venues.  He mentors photographers, models, and makeup artists internationally.  David also organizes training events in the Caribbean area and Europe and is an advocate  of helping artists grow and protect their businesses and careers world-wide. He has also helped in the planning and teaching of a photography training course for cancer patients at The St. Agnes Cancer Institute in Baltimore, MD.

His website can be found at: http:// www.posneg.com


Visitors are welcome to attend the seminar.