sg_headshotlrPhotographer Steve Gottlieb will address the Tidewater Camera Club on Monday, December 5th from 7 to 9 PM in the Talbot County Community Center’s Wye Oak Room.  His lecture is entitled “24 Things to Think About BEFORE You Press the Shutter”.  He will discuss the most common things that people don’t do that they know they should do, and explain why that happens.  Steve Gottlieb has closely observed hundreds of students in the act of taking pictures and has judged dozens of photo competitions. He can say, with authority, that many people don’t think about some very important things before they press the shutter…even though they often are aware of them.  The Public is welcome to attend.


Steve Gottlieb is a graduate of Columbia University College and Law School. He practiced law for a decade before turning his hobby into his vocation.  Steve leads photography workshops in northeast Maryland and throughout the United States and beyond. He is also the organizer of the annual “Horizon Photography Summit,” an event in March that brings together many leading photographers who lecture on a wide range of subjects.



Thousands of Steve Gottlieb’s photographs—ranging from architecture to people to landscapes—have been published worldwide. His work has been featured in Shutterbug, Popular Photography, American Photo, Rangefinder, and Photo District News, among others. Shutterbug referred to Steve as “a gifted photographer and author.” slide33He is the photographer—as well as author and designer—of six books, including American Icons, Washington: Portrait of a City, FLUSH: Celebrating Bathrooms Past & Present, and Abandoned America. Abandoned America was selected by both People Magazine and USA Today as “Gift Book of the Year.” flushfrontcoverlrHe has received other recognition, including “Advertising Photograph of the Year” in both NYC and Washington, DC.