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Steve Lingeman

“Creating your own Personal Project”
Monday – December 4, 2017
7– 9pmTalbot Community Center, Wye Oak Room


“Creating your own Personal Project” by local photographer Steve Lingeman will appeal to Photographers and Artists who have a desire to extend their collection of individual images- whether it be paintings or photographs- into a unified collection. Mr. Lingeman will cover a range of topics such as the preliminary work of assembling and curating your images into a group, telling the story, digging further into the story, creating a text of the story, sequencing the images to say what you want to say and even the question of “why?” 

The presentation will cover various ways of presenting the photographer’s or artist’s work in printed form, whether it be a self-printed publication, a portfolio of images in a formal box, or sending the images off to be printed by an outside internet style printing company. A number of examples of Mr. Lingeman’s personal projects will be shown, plus several projects he assembled, curated and printed for other photographers and artists. 

Additional topics will be covered, such as using Photoshop to create individual pages of a self-printed publication, the use of typefaces and how a typeface can influence the feel of the publication, layout of the pages for repeatability and flow of the publication, and the mechanics of self-publication will be covered- such as binding and making a cover work with the binding, etc. 

Mr. Lingeman is a woodworker and a photographer since the 1960’s. Before moving to Easton several years ago, Mr. Lingeman was a large format printer for other photographers and artists in Westchester County, New York, utilizing large inkjet printers up to 64” wide. Along the way, he developed a stretcher bar system for stretching photographs and art reproductions. That system is still used by several photographers here in Talbot County.

In the past year Mr. Lingeman printed the first two (2) issues of “The Photographic MEGAZINE.” The first issue featured landscape photographs which were captured in Iceland while traveling the “Ring Road”, the 880 mile highway that encircles the country. The MEGAZINE tells the story of that trip in fine art photos and text.



The second issue, titled: “Form and Texture” is a collection of Mr.Lingeman’s images dating back to the dawn of the digital photography in year 2000 and even a few that were captured using Kodak film.



Visitors are welcome to attend the seminar.