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TCC Competition Themes pdf


Theme Definitions: 2016– 2017

(Unless otherwise stated, all themes have time limit of 2 years.)


September 2016 — “Open with No Time Limit” 

The photographer is free to choose any image that he or she has created with no thematic or time restrictions.


October 2016 — “Outdoor Mirror/Reflection”

Create an image where the subject is a reflection of something outside. You may use a normal mirror, water, car fender or any reflective surface as your subject. No Photoshop mirroring will be acceptable.


November 2016 — “Bulls-eye”

Create an image where the subject is in the centre of your frame.  Bullseye images are often criticized for being static, dull and uninteresting.  The challenge is to break the rule and produce a compelling image.


December 2016 — “Vintage Still Life”

Photograph a vintage still life scene, something suggesting age and character.   The word “Vintage” will be broadly interpreted, but the idea is to have the image convey a sense of old.


January 2017 — “Fill the frame Portrait”

This is an extreme exercise in composition. Photograph any living creature and do not crop your submission.  This is about understanding how to see through your camera to create your final image.  Any living thing with a face is acceptable.


February 2017 —  “Toy Story”

Photograph a toy or toys in an outside environment,  where the toy is the subject and try to have the image tell a story from its relationship to the surroundings.  Images without a toy as a subject or obviously taken inside will be out of theme.


March 2017 — “Fog”

Your entries must include fog (steam) or smoke as a dramatic element.  This theme explores the capture, and exposure problems encountered when including fog or smoke in your photograph.  Entries in which visible fog (steam) or smoke are not present will be considered out of theme.



April 2017 — “Open with Time Limit”  

The photographer is free to choose any image that he or she has created with no thematic restrictions.  The Photograph must have been taken on or after January 1, 2014



May 2017 — Print and Photo of the Year Judging  

Print of the year judging takes place at this time normally used for the competition meeting and Digital Photograph of the Year is judged online as usual.  There is no competition in May other than Print of the Year and Digital Photograph of the Year.


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